Posted originally on July 17, 2014

Fly with you pixies,

I am here with an all new post for you. Here it is:

As you all know, the 19th is approaching, which means that it has been 10 months since the day PH closed. – cries –
So, I was thinking that we could use some enlightenment around this time of the month. So, every month on the 19th, from now on, I will be advertising another PH blog for you!
Most PH blogs have been running for A LOT longer than mine. So I thought that it may help all PH blogarains if we had ALL readers of EVERY PH blogs knowing many blogs instead of knowing a small handful knowing one or two each.

Any new blogs I find and advertise here will also go in Links section (permanently) with a brief description of his or her blog. If you want your blog advertised here, then email me:

Note that it will be first in best dressed, but I will add any extra blogs to my Links section and will be put on the waiting list.

Also, any PH blogs already in my Links section can also ask via email if there blog can be advertised on this monthly post.

Stay true,

– Rose ❤