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Gee, this is dragging out too long – over a year without PH!

So, today I’m going to be giving you a run-down of Minerva’s blog. Here it goes:

Minerva’s Blog is called ‘Fly to Inspire’. It’s fairly new – only started last year, but still really good. Her blog is dedicated more to fan fiction and stories – which is probably what interested me so much! So far she has started writing a short story called ‘laugh’. The first few paragraph are below.



The world is at peace.

A child – roughly around 2 years old – glanced out the window at the swirling sparks of white outside of the window. The picture book that she had been looking at slumped to the ground, its pages fluttering gently. They took no notice of it, simply gazing, mesmerized by the drifting flakes of snow, covering the village in a soft white blanket.

This is the land of the Clumsies.

Children of her age would normally be giggling with glee, but this particular child was different; she had yet to release her first laugh. A fairy was still waiting inside her, yet to be born. The laugh was beginning to get tired of waiting.

“So this is your youngest child?” Two women wandered into the room, their heels clattering loudly against the oak floors.

“My, she’s so silent! Melanie was very active at her age!”

“Yes,” the second woman agreed quietly. “My eldest daughter is much more outgoing. It’s expected of someone of her age and caste.”

The child paid them no attention, watching snow settle on the stone houses of the village. She shifted uncomfortably in her long, green taffeta dress. She glued her eyes to the dizzying pattern on the fabric. Personally, she had preferred something simpler, but her mother had insisted and she was in no position to object.

Silently sighing, she zoned back in on the conversation of the two women, who were still in the room, unaware of the presence of the child in question.

“Mira has barely spoken and she is just reaching three years. Is this normal?” fretted the child – Mira’s – mother. She walked over to a frosted French-style window on the other end of the room and peered out at the serenity of the softly tumbling snowflakes…


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So what do you think pixies? If you want to visit her blog, the link is below:

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