Posted originally on March 19, 2015

Fly with you,

We’re up to 18 months now… I’m surprised I’m still sane! 😛

Well, I suppose blogging helps – at least a small part of PH has been preserved 🙂

Anyway, this months post is on a brand new PH blog called Crazy Coconut!!! 😀

The blog is owned by a pixie called orangecoconut27. This isn’t her actual PH name of course – just her d-name. Recently, I have also become a Guest Author for this blog, so expect a post from me on there anytime now! 😛

Orange’s Blog consists of short stories, a chat area, a few profiles and some great posts, but one of my favorite things about Orange’s Blog is her quote under the heading – ‘The only rule of life is to have fun’.

This is such a great quote, I’m going to add it to my Quotes page. 😀

The link to her blog is below:


Orange’s Blog will be added to the links ASAP.

Stay tuned for more posts very soon! 😀

Write soon,

– Rose ❤