Posted originally on 24 Feburary 2015

Rose MorningMist:

OMG! A short story contest! I MUST enter… lol 😛


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Hi guys, It’s me Carrie and today I am posting about a pixie hollow forums event. Before I tell you about it I want to help out all the pixie’s who don’t have an account on the forums. The Pixie Hollow Forums is a completely safe forums web sight run by former pixie hollow players. You can make posts and start your own threads about anything pixie hollow related and they will moderate it and then it will be posted for other pixie’s to see :). I am not sure how long it has been around for but I do know that it was running long before pixie hollow got shut down. It is a great way to make new fairy friends and find old ones from the hollow that you have not yet found. If you think you want to register here is the link

( if clicking does…

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