Posted originally on October 21, 2014

(Note from the 17/04/15: I am yet to publish the preview on this blog)

Fly with you pixies!

Before I go on with the main reason of my post, I would like to say I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sorry that I haven’t been posting! I was really busy getting my Worlize PH ready for the PH reunion (which, by the way, didn’t turn out as I expected due to the short notice us bloggers gave to all of you guys. Sorry!). I also felt as if no one visited my blog, seeing as no one comments or sends me emails, no offense to those who do read this blog!

I guess I came to my senses when my fairies 6th Birthday (2nd of October 10+GMT time) came round around last week. I realized that I should still write, even if I reckon no one reads!

Then today I finally fixed the link problem, so I was enticed to blog again. So from now on I’m going to try and blog at least once every 1 – 2 weeks, to try and keep on top of things.

So, I was reading some of my fellow pixies blogs (I really need to add more to my links! ) and found that they were posting short stories (or fan fiction, if you rather) on their fairies experiences. So I decided to reveal a small amount of my work to the public. Here, I’ll explain.

Ever since PH closed I have been writing a series of books based on PH. The aspect falls on the thought of: what happened after PH closed? What would happen if something happened when Disney tried to delete PH for good? And so I started writing a the story called ‘The Best Month of My Life’. A brief description is below:

‘It all started about a month after Pixie Hollow closed. It started as an ordinary day, with ordinary weather, and my ordinary (and annoying) alarm clock waking me up. I got up dressed myself, like I did every other day.

Then my ordinary day turned into one I would NEVER forget.’

I am no ordinary girl. Just like many others, I played Pixie Hollow – an online world where people of any age, any gender, could have fun without the the stress of the real world upon you.

So obviously, when it closed, we were all devastated. But then something happened that would changed our lives forever. For about a month after it closed, when Disney was ready to delete PH for good, something happened, turning every person who had played PH into his or her avatar.

This came as a huge shock to all of us, but after a while, we adapted to this new secret life with joy. Then, for the second time in one month, I received the shock of my life when a new kid turns up at my school who shouldn’t be alive…

So what do you think pixies? For safety reasons, I had to write it in first person.

This book is going to be the first of four that I am determined to get published – even if it means working with Disney. I also intend for these books to do some good for us, but let that be my secret for now…

Anyways, hope you enjoy it!

– Rose MorningMist