Posted originally on 21 March 2015

(Note from 17/04/15: I have done a little editing so that the spelling and grammar is correct) 🙂

Rose MorningMist:

Was looking around and found this inspirational post. Keep faith, pixies! 🙂

Originally posted on bring back our hollow:

We have been fighting Disney for a while. Disney dint want their fans anymore so us pixies are lost in a garbage can which we been put there by Disney. We got out of the nasty Disney garbage. That’s what they want. They think we can be played with like a doll. They are so wrong!!!!!!!! We are pixies! Our faith is strong & our hearts are big. We fix things worth fixing, we bring light to rainy days, we bloom every flower with care , we care for little fuzzys, we make breezes of destiny . We are amazing fairies so don’t lose faith. Tell me your stories & I’ll publish it. Remember this chant. We are beautiful strong pixies with hearts of gold. Don’t let anyone say we can’t because we CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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