Posted originally on 08 April 2015

Hi all,

I’m afraid to say that I’ve been having trouble with my main blog… no one can get to it, and I can’t log in either! 😦

I’m hoping that it’s just another problem with the site I made it on, which has had a few problems of late. This has lead me to wonder whether I should move all my work from my main blog, and turn this into my only blog, shutting down the original…

I will try to get into my other blog to move all it’s contents onto here. This, of course, may take some time, and also means that this blog will be a little jumbled up for a while, whilst I move it all over.

I think it will be hard to move on from my first blog, but at least it will free up my hands (and wings) a little, bringing my total blogs to post on down to 5.

If you have any thoughts on this decision, please post them below – I’d like to know what you think of this. 🙂


– Rose ❤