Posted originally on October 26, 2014

(Note from the 17/04/15: The short story was never finished in time, and instead turned into the lost series, and Julie’s exciting news was never posted as it didn’t go ahead…) 🙂

Hiya Pixies!

Guess whats just around the bend:

That’s right pixies, Halloween is coming up in a few days! Which means Trick or Treating! Check out the totally awesome pic that my friend Julie TulipBlossom made for the occasion! Speaking of Julie, I have some amazing news relating to her that I will share in a couple of posts time…

Anyways, if you are totally FREAKING OUT because you don’t know what to go as, then I have the solution!

Just take his short quiz from Marigold’s Blog:

I ended up with Elsa 🙂

Also, I am going to write a short story and post it on my blog to celebrate Halloween, so make sure to check it on the 31st!

Fun Fact – Bandana Day (which may just be held in Australia, I’m not quite sure) happens to clash with Halloween this year! Coincidence? Idk!

Write soon,

– Rose ❤