Posted originally on January 4, 2015

Hiya pixies,

Happy New Year!

Ok, so, a few things for this post:

For starters, the PH Christmas Reunion is now officially over. Even though I was unable to attend when most people were on, mainly due to my need to sleep at night (which is most pixie’s daytime O_O ).

However, I did manage to meet many new fairies, including Jade ShinyMist (who gave me the Harvest Hustle link) and a chance to meet Minerva in person (which was good, emails take sooo much longer – I was able to start posting on her blog much quicker).

I don’t think Crystal or I will plan another reunion for a little while though (or at least, I won’t. I’m only guessing whether Crystal will or not. I don’t have physic powers). I think we might just wait for the 2 years-since-closing-mark for that (if there is a 2 year mark, which I hope there won’t… I probably will have gone insane by then from lackofpixiehollowitis – very deadly).

Moving on from the reunion – goals for this year.

Well, now that I have both this blog AND Minerva’s to post on, I will definitely have a lot to do (which isn’t always a bad thing). I’d like to try and be a bit more active this year (yeah, yeah, I know all of us bloggers say that and never do it, but hey, at least we try). I also want to try and finish my Worize PH – I may have finished the meadows, but the mini-games still have to be done, and so do some of the shops.

Another thing I want to finish this year is my PH related book (see earlier posts).

My final resolution: to keep all of us believing. So long as we are faithful, PH is still alive – in us.

Stay true,

– Rose ❤