Posted originally on 06 Febuary 2015

(Note from the 17/04/15: This is an old post from this blog, slotted into all the other posts from my original blog, and will be doing this with the rest) 🙂

Fly with you!

My name is Rose MorningMist. You may of heard of me, or seen my posts as a guest author on other pixie’s blogs. 🙂

This WordPress blog was created originally to fix the link problem on my other blog, also called ‘Pixie Hollow – Our Biggest Secret’.

However, shortly after creating this blog I found that the link problem had been fixed, so I have continued to post on my original blog.

The link is below:

I haven’t actually posted anything up until now, but I will say this: if there is something of major importance, I will post on this blog, along with perhaps the odd re-post from another pixie’s blog every now and then.

Stay faithful,

– Rose MorningMist ❤