Posted originally on December 24, 2014

Fly with you all,

Yay! Tomorrow is Christmas Day! (hey, that rhymes!) 😀

Well, at least it is for me in Australia.

Either way, I won’t be around for the next few days, but I will be back on the 28th, Just in time for the Christmas Reunion! 😀

The final meeting place has also been decided – Fantage, which outnumbered all the other websites with 11 votes!

This means the final meeting places are as follow:

My Worlize world, called ‘PIXIE HOLLOW Christmas Reunion’ (Note you must be logged in in order for the link to work)

Both Crystal AirShine’s AND Minerva’s Chat Logs (I suggest having two tabs open and chatting in both)

Fantage (which IS an any age website, I checked)

Finally, before I sign out, I’d like to thank all the other bloggers and pixies who have helped me organize this celebration. Seriously, I couldn’t of done it without you – and not just this celebration either, but for all the help you guys have given me with this blog, too. If it wasn’t for you guys, most people wouldn’t be reading this now. Even though I am sad about PH closing, in a way, it was a good thing. Sure, I lost what was like my second home, and all my friends I knew with it, but if PH hadn’t closed, I would have never have met you guys, started this blog, or started writing my book. 🙂

I hope that all of you have a spectacular Christmas,

– Rose MorningMist ❤