Originally posted on April 1, 2014

Fly with you pixies!

Did any of you feel lonely after PH closed? I know I did. I lost 300 friends (About 150 really close friends) when it closed

Well, I’m here to tell you, things are looking up! (Its not like PH is re-opening… I would be writing a lot more excited if that was happening. Like, meeting your fave rock star excited.)

The exciting news is that there are actually many ways to keep in contact with long lost PH friends. There are blogs with chat logs, PH forums, Simulation games… the list probably goes on.


The first way: Blogs. Some pixies have actually gone to the trouble of opening chat logs on their blogs. Two of my favorites are:



Each have a totally safe (and free) chat that is ready for use!


The second way: Forums. I’ve looked around and my favorite is below.

There are several more on Crystal Air Shine’s site (see links)


The third way: Worlize. On my first day I met two fairies off PH in their worlds. Look out for me, my world is called PIXIE HOLLOW (all caps). The link is below:


Note that you MUST be 13 in order to do this!

If you know any other links associated with this post, please email me.

Till next time,

– Rose ❤