Posted originally on 15 April 2015

Rose MorningMist:

The PBC just got serious – we’re making a short film! 😀

Originally posted on Raindrop’s Reveries:

Woah. Something I thought was pretty easy just got a whole lot harder and a tad more interesting 😀

Yes, I commented on Sarah’s amazing review of Tinkerbell and the Legend of the Neverbeast with an idea of creating our own PBC short 2-3 minute film and I have to credit Rose Morningmist with this whole email of her fantastic ideas 😛

I said I would create a post just to organize everything a bit, (I have to be organized before I do anything 🙂 ) and so I am just going to show you the email Rose sent me :

Hiya Raindrop,

Just been reading your ideas to make a short film on Marigold’s Blog – I think it’s a GREAT idea! I posted this comment for you to read, but thought that it would be quicker for you to see in via email:


Like the idea Raindrop…

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