Posted originally on July 6, 2014

(Note from the 17/04/15: My Worlize world is now complete and ready for use! Here is the link:

Fly with you all,

This post is to inform you all on Worlize!

Before I give you any information on this site I’d like you all to know this:

You must be at least 13 to sign up for Worlize.

Hey, it’s not my rule – it’s the sites.

Ok so:

Signing Up

Don’t worry, you don’t have to put much information! To sign up, Worlize only asks you to put in:

  • Your screen name
  • Your login name
  • Your password (and password confirmation)
  • Your D.O.B. (So they know that your over 13)

You also have to agree to terms and conditions, and choose whether you wish to get emails from Worlize about updates.

Getting started

Worlize gives you a tutorial as soon as you sign up.

Finding other PH worlds

There is probably HEAPS of PH worlds. You can find one on forums, and on Crystal’s blog (see links), and probably many other blogs too. Mine is called PIXIE HOLLOW (all caps). If you manage to find my world and friend me, I’ll be happy to show you some others that I have found!

My World

Lets just say that my world needs a little more work. But I promise that as soon as I finish it, I will post the link ASAP.

See ya round the waterfall,

– Rose ❤