Hi everyone,

So you may have noticed that yesterday I did a little work on this blog to bring it up to date… and most subscribers would have gotten about 42 emails in the process… uh, yeah, my bad.

I have to say I’m really sorry to all those people who had to sit there and go through and delete 42 useless emails, and I can promise that it shouldn’t happen again – if it does, this time I’ll warn you. 😛

You can turn off emails like those in you subscription settings though, and don’t worry, I don’t expect anyone subscribed or not, to read every single post I stuck up there. 🙂

Basically, I just copied all my posts on here one by one, and added the original date it was posted above it. It’s all in order, from my first post to this one – every post I have ever done on my two blogs. It took me most of the day, but was worth it. 🙂

Some also have a small note written in italics that hopefully should help the post make a bit more sense, especially if it includes year old information, like the ‘VERY BIG EXCITING NEWS‘ Post.

This post was written last year, and I still have no link with proof to show. However, yesterday, I came up with an exciting theory.

Part of it I know is true – Disney has saved our profiles – not necessarily our pixies, but our profiles, yes. You see, when I went to log onto the old PH, my profile still worked, as your PH account was also a Disney account – try it for yourself!

Anyway, this gives me hope. If they’ve kept our profiles, why can’t that mean they’ve save our pixie progress too?

Now, I’m not saying that PH is all of a sudden come back – but if they have saved our profiles, then perhaps they have hopes, just like us, that one day they may be able to bring PH back.

With this theory, I must add that I don’t think they kept EVERYTHING – the free membership stuff at the end, for one. Memberships would be gone too, and would have to be re-bought, but this would be a small price to pay for our world back, wouldn’t it?

This idea gives me hope. It makes me keep faith. It may not happen anytime soon – gosh, we may have to wait years, though I hope not. Never the less, it’s a reason not to give up. We may have lost PH, but we haven’t lost everything. A part of it is still in our hearts. Let’s keep posting things, try to get old blogs up and running again, build up the PBC, keep Pixie Hollow strong, and perhaps, perhaps, perhaps one day we may soar again. 🙂

Fly with you later,

– Rose ❤

P.S. You may also notice that there are to re-posts of the 2015 events. These have all been moved to the ‘PBC Events‘ page. 🙂