Hi everyone! πŸ™‚

I’m afraid that, due to technical issues, I cannot access my emails for a few days O_O 😦

Fortunately, it should be fixed by Monday πŸ™‚

So anyway…

The other day, I was thinking about adding a few more guest authors onto this blog. I already have two AMAZING guest authors, Crystal Cutetwinkle and Orangecoconut27 (seriously, you guys are awesome), but I was wanting to put the ‘job’ out there. Now, even though my email isn’t working at the moment, I will receive any emails you send once it is fixed (wings crossed). So if you are interested, please send me an email at rosemorningmist@gmail.com or leave a comment below, along with and example of your work, whether it is a link to your blog so I can have a look, or just something you come up with on the spot. πŸ™‚

Anyway, that’s it for now – I’ll post again soon πŸ™‚

Fly with you later,

– Rose ❀