Hello there, fairy followers of Rose’s blog!

I am new to Rose Morningmist’s blog. This is my first post as a guest author, actually.

So, even though some of you already know me from my regular blog, I would like to introduce myself.

Pretty much, all you need to know is…


Haha, just kidding. I’m actually just a combination of different failures. And cake. Don’t forget cake.


As you can tell, I absolutely looooooooove I Love Lucy. So much so that I refuse to watch the final episode, The Ricardos Dedicate A Statue, so that I can pretend that it never ended.

I also love the color green, all shades of it. I love doing tinkertastic crafts, and also love to post my results of them.

About my blogging style:

I have only ever blogged out of character, though I am hoping to start changing that 🙂

I will also try to keep you guys interested by posting a lot of gifs and pictures in my articles. I also love searching for the right gifs to use 😛

Hope we can be the best of fairy friends!


P.S. Who else thinks the category “Raven’s Wings” is funny?