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Marigold's Musings

Sugar Crystal
by Crystal Cutetwinkle

Me and Orange skip down to the lake, giggling. I trip over a stone and nearly land in the water, and we collapse with laughter.

My BFF Orange is really funny. She could make you laugh just by a single word.

Okay, I’m going to fall to the ground if I laugh any harder,” I declare, muffling a giggle.

I’ll catch you if you fall. Just don’t fall into the lake like you nearly did, Crystal,” Orange jokes and I laugh, without falling to the ground.

See, you didn’t fall to the ground and you just laughed,” she grins, and we fall about laughing. Suddenly Orange skids and falls into the lake.

Oops. You almost fell in the water and now I have fallen into the water,” she giggles, and I laugh, although falling into water and getting your wings wet…

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