Hey guys,

So, like I promised, I’ve been doing some more work on The Lost Stories, and I decided I’d give you guys a surprise sneak peak into the first section of the story. 🙂

Here it is – Enjoy. 🙂

– Rose ❤

Part 2 – A New Land (SNEAK PEAK)


I’d never been through a portal before. Pixie law strictly forbid any means of teleportation, and there was no information on how to make one anywhere in the Hollow. Believe me, I’ve checked. A few years back when Jack had first gotten his powers over ice and snow, I had gone hunting for possible ways he could have gotten them. Portals was one theory, a theory that had unfortunately lead nowhere.

It hard to describe how it felt inside a portal. The darkness thicker than imaginable, and I couldn’t see my hand, even inches from my face. It was off-putting to my sense of balance – I could tell whether I was standing upside-down, sideways or right-side up… And then there was the silence, eerie, unnerving. Uncertain, I took a step forward, reassured to find solid ground in front of me. I took another, then another, and another. A small blue light, nothing more than a tiny pinprick, appeared far off in the distance. I took a few more steps, towards the light. It got closer. Speeding up slightly, I pushed on. A faint roaring sound filled my ears. I kept walking forward until the light was blinding and the roar became thunderous. I took another step, and felt as if the world was being tipped upside-down and turned back the right way again, as the ground beneath me disappeared and I fell onto a cold hard surface.


Lily rushed up to me, her face pale.

“Are you alright?”

“I’m fine.” I said, climbing to my feet. “Is everyone safe?”

“We’re all fine. Everyone got through.”

I breathed a sigh of relief. I turned to where the portal had come out, but there was nothing there. It had disappeared.

“It’s gone.” I said quietly. I wasn’t sure if I meant the portal, the Hollow or both. Lily said nothing.

The portal had come out behind a waterfall in a small cave crafted from grey stone. The spray from the falls created a fine mist, which settled on my skin and ran off my wings. It was one of the perks of being a water fairy – your wings were always waterproof, unless of course you wished otherwise. The group of 782 fairies that had stayed until the end wisely stood far enough away from the waterfall for the spray to dampen their wings. The crowd was almost completely silent – apart from the occasional sobs echoing around the cave. Many fairies were crying. Others were hugging their distraught friends, trying to support them. Some just stood there in complete shock. Crystal, who had tears streaming down her cheeks was hugging Ruby, who was murmuring comfort in her ear. Orchid, the garden fairy I had met in Dewdrop Vale before the storm had hit, was sitting on her knees, her body shaking, her face hidden in her hands. My face felt hot, my eyes watery. I turned back towards the waterfall, determined not to cry.

Focus, Rose. Like it or not, these people are depending on you. Fall apart in front of them, and they’ll lose faith in you. They’ll panic. Not mention it’ll be majorly embarrassing.

“Right.” I said to Lily, blinking several times to clear my vision. “Priorities. Any idea where we are?”

Lily shook her head. “That’s what everyone is asking, but no one knows.”

“I do.”

The voice came from behind us. Instinctively, Lily and I whirled round. A fairy had broken away from the crowd. With a start I realized it was the same fairy I had run into earlier. Her Eloisa wings, the largest type of wings that any fairy could get, were tinted pink, signifying her talent – garden, and when they caught the light, they shone a thousand colours, as if they had been crafted out of jewels. She had blue eyes, tanned skin, and, I realized with a start, she was dressed in the standard uniform for the Pixie Salvation Soldiers: A light orange long-sleeved top with a sunflower vest dyed black over the top, with a black leaf skirt and matching leggings. Her lace-up boots were knee-length, and her was kept out of her face by a black cap. In her hand she held a standard wand, which glowed softly at the tip. 

”I’m Marigold Sunjewel, founder and Head of the Pixie Salvation Soldiers.” She said, ”And I know exactly where we are. Neverland.”