Hi guys,

As my holidays come to a close, I’ve decided to give you one last piece of my work before I get swamped with homework and exams (AGAIN). :/

I’ve gone back and edited the preview I gave you of ‘The Best Month of my Life’ (I really need to find a shorter way to say that), so the beginning has changed and I’ve tidied the whole thing up a bit.

Nothing extra yet… Sorry guys, the next bit still has some major editing to go through. 😛 🙂

Here it is:

Have you ever wondered how nature gets its glow? Who gives it light and colour as the seasons come and go?

Yeah, I think it sounds sappy too. Kind of an awkward quote to be known by. However, Pixie Hollow isn’t all flowers and sunshine. Heck no. There’s danger everywhere, darkness where you least expect it.

Ok, so maybe Pixie Hollow isn’t all that grim. It can be pretty awesome at times. But trust me, believe it or not, there’s a lot more going on around there than just fun and games and happy memories, or a perfect life, or whatever you conjure up in your mind when someone says the word ‘fairy’ or ‘Pixie Hollow’.

Especially if you have a wild imagination. Especially if you’re me.

My name is Rose MorningMist, and boy, is my life anything but perfect.


Ivy couldn’t believe it! She was late – again!

UGH! thought Ivy, as she darted through groups of fairies and sparrowmen. Rose is going to KILL me! She swerved to avoid a large magical wave of water surging upstream, capsizing a leaf canoe with a couple sitting in it. The fairy that had obviously caused the wave burst out laughing.

“You should have seen the look on your FACES!” She said to the couple, who had emerged sopping wet and treading water.

“Oh yeah?” Said the sparrowman, climbing onto the riverbank, so wet that his hair stuck to his face. “Well take THAT!” He aimed a sunbeam at the fairy’s behind, who was still doubled over laughing. The fairy’s dress started smoking. She screamed, and put out the fire with a jet of water. She then turned on the sparrowman, whose turn it was now to laugh, and was having trouble standing because of it. His laughter stopped abruptly as yet another jet of water, pushed him back into the water. The fairy started laughing again, this time accompanied by a few other voices, from the other pixies around the river – sprawled out on the grass, sitting in chairs, hovering above the lake or standing beside it. The sparrowman emerged once more, coughing and spluttering, face slightly pink. “Why you little -” He aimed another sunbeam at his opponent. The fairy that had been in the boat with the sparrowman – who Ivy guessed was his girlfriend – had clambered onto a lily pad. She sat there, sulking. “I knew we should have gone to the Tearoom!” She muttered as Ivy flew past. Ivy wanted to stay and chat, and perhaps watch the duel that was now raging on the riverbank, but she knew she couldn’t. She was already late. If she was any later she was sure Rose would explode, then probably come back as a ghost to haunt her.

Arguments like this were almost daily in Pixie Hollow. No one ever got seriously hurt, but Ivy had heard of two fairies getting stuck with permanently blue skin… She flew on, darting and weaving through clusters of fairies and sparrowmen – some looking at the Pixie Postings notice board, others simply standing around chatting. She kept flying until the crowd thinned, then disappeared completely, apart from the lone new arrival here and there. She had arrived in the Spring Meadows – Springtime Orchard to be exact. Not many fairies hung around here – most pixies that came to the Spring Meadows at this time of year came here to work, or were on quests, preparing for the next season. Ivy flew across the lake and arrived at her destination: Dewdrop Vale.

Dewdrop Vale was busy place, for all new arrivals came here after their tour of Pixie Hollow. New arrivals flew around in their sweet little dandelion dresses and white petal shoes, delighted at their new home. Ivy watched as a fairy, one with particularly small wings, accidentally ran into a tulip stem. A sparrowman helped her up. Ivy smiled as she remembered when she had first entered Pixie Hollow. She had been so excited – everything new and bursting with color. After another minute of flying reached the pond, just past Sivermist’s grotto, where Silvermist, like all the other famous fairies, gave out quests to help bring the seasons along. At the end of each quest, the pixie that had completed it was gifted with a reward. Most fairies only completed the quests for this reason, which really defeated the purpose of them, but it still got the quests done, which helped the seasons pass easily.

The pond was quite vast, spreading out into open water. It was home to many water fairy homes, inside closed waterlilies, which were usually enchanted to freeze the flower’s process of growing (not, of course, hurting the flower – the garden fairies would go absolutely ballistic), until the pixie who lived in it moved into a new home. Some homes sat to the side of the pond, so that the fairy living in it could grow a garden. Others simply drifted around the middle of the lake, with the lily pad on which the home grew on decorated with lights or trinkets of all kinds. Ivy flew to the far side of the lake, where a plain house stood. The house didn’t look very interesting. In fact, there wasn’t much to see at all. The garden was very plain, with a neatly trimmed hedge and a small cluster of pink pansies at the entrance, which stood underneath a large pink and silver garden archway. A few plants grew in the center of the garden and the grass was slightly overgrown in some places. Two large trees stood on either of the insides of the garden. A pair of stairs protruded up into the house, which was completely plain, apart from the small sign above the door:

Rose MorningMist

But Ivy knew that this place held much more than this. She fluttered down and landed just outside the entrance, and walked inside. A flood of color rushed into view as the Pixie Elite Force training grounds appeared. The training grounds were split into five sections: Healing, Disguise, Potions and Spells and Magic. Ivy flew passed each of them in turn, looking at the familiar objects, and felt a sense of home. The healing area was set up to the left corner closest to the hedge, like a sick bay or healing ward, with a fluffy beanbag seat, and a table littered with herbs, medicines, creams and other tools. The disguise area, which was closer to the lake, had a large array or random objects, like plants, couches and lamps placed all around the area, so that the disguise crew had plenty of things to practice with. Not far away from the disguise area was a fairy circle – a fairy dueling circle to be exact – the area for the pixies studying spells and magic. The dueling process was complicated, and Ivy didn’t quite understand it yet, but she knew that the duels were playful, and no one had ever gotten more than a few scratches on their arms and legs – results of spells that had gotten a little out of hand. To the right of that was the potions area – the area Ivy was most familiar with, having studied it ever since she had joined the Pixie Elite Force – or the PEF for short. It was on a wooden flat, quite large and rounded. Shelves of potion ingredients, recipes and tools sat to one side. On the other side was a small table made from lily pads – strong and water proof. On top of the table sat a mixing bowl and spoon, and several jars and cups holding ingredients and mixtures. Ivy flew past the training grounds and landed at the top of the stairs protruding to the door. Inside, she could hear voices. A million things flashed through her mind, many with a very red-faced Rose yelling at her in it. It gave her nervous butterflies, which flapped around in her stomach. She braced herself, and knocked.


Sometimes, I really hate being a leader.

Having to control such a large group can be so hard, especially when you’re dealing with a bunch of fairies that all have reports of some kind to tell you, and they all want to be first. Honestly, sometimes it’s no better than being a kindergarten teacher – they all mean well, but can be a real pains at times.

So, believe it or not, I was actually relieved when Ivy, owner of the PEF potion shop and supplier of all of our potion and some healing ingredients, walked in about ten minutes late to the meeting, looking flustered and nervous. “I’m really sorry Rose, I was on a quest and lost track of time and then there was a duel in Havenish Square and –“

“Ivy.” I cut across her long explanation. “I’m sure that there is a very good reason for your lateness, but it can be excused for now.” A wave of relief seemed to roll over her. I wondered how she thought I was going to react. Rachel Citrusstream, the current Co-leader of the PEF and a very good friend of mine, gave the impression that lateness would result in some sort of harsh punishment. I didn’t exactly encourage this ‘rumor’, but it keeps them all on time – well, mostly, anyway. Ivy took a seat at the back of the room. I turned back to Fauna Sunshine, a member of the Healing department. She was still standing, waiting. “You were saying, Fauna?” I queried. She took in a long deep breath and replied “I think we should do it tonight.”

To be continued!

 – Rose ❤