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Secondly, I’ve decided to release the next section of Part 2 of The Lost Stories, because I’m feeling nice today… Or am I? 😛

Here you go:

I blinked a few times. “Neverland? But that’s impossible. All access to it was cut off years ago!”

Crystal and Ruby broke away from the crowd to join our conversation. “Neverland?” Asked Ruby.

“Apparently.” I replied, shrugging my shoulders.

Crystal frowned. “But Neverland doesn’t exist. It’s just an old legend.” She turned to me. “Isn’t it?”

Marigold shook her head. “After access was cut off, new arrivals were told that. But Neverland is a real place. It is – sorry, was – connected strongly to Pixie Hollow, because both ran on belief.”

“Belief in what?” Asked Lily.

“Magic.” Said Marigold simply.

“How do you know so much about Neverland?” Asked Ruby suspiciously.

“I was exiled for nearly a year back in 2010.” She said, shrugging her shoulders. “You can learn a lot in that sort of time.”

“Wait. You were exiled?” Said Lily incredulously. “I didn’t think they actually did that!”

“You must’ve done something really awful to deserve that.” Said Ruby, looking mildly impressed. “What was it?”

Marigold glared at her. It was kind of funny – Ruby was already shorter than the average fairy, with tiny pyorre wings, but compared to Marigold, who was closer to 5 and a half inches tall, she looked tiny. Both opened their mouths to speak.

“It doesn’t matter.” I said quickly. The last thing I needed was for the two to quarrel.

“Now that we know where we are, I can do this…” I unfastened my leaf pouch from around my waist, and plunged my left hand into its depths. Every fairy had a pouch. It was a small, green sack, usually tied with a piece of vine, but some fairies had pouches that could be worn over the shoulder instead. It was magically enlarged to fit everything a fairy may need: pixie dust, ingredients for trading, pixie diamonds, snacks… the list went on. The first pouches had been disastrous – just one big pocket filled with everything. Berries were squashed and dye bottles shattered constantly. It was insanely messy, not to mention almost impossible to find anything. It took the Never Council years to perfect it. Now, pouches had sections for everything, and enchantments to stop things from breaking. A single pouch could hold hundreds of items, and you could find what you wanted within seconds.

Concentrating, I focused my mind on my leaf journal. After a few more seconds of rummaging, I felt the smooth cover on my fingertips. Grabbing it firmly, I pulled it out and opened it, flicking through the pages until I found my map of Pixie Hollow. My heart ached to see the place again; the names of every meadow and shop etched into the leafy paper. Focus Rose, I reminded myself. You can feel sorry for yourself later.

Tearing my eyes away from the map, I looked up at Marigold. “Can I use your wand?”

Reluctantly, she passed it over. It felt strange in my hand – wands tended to work best for the fairy who had used it most. Concentrating, I tapped the map gently with the tip.

“Show me Neverland.” I said quietly.

Slowly, the map of Pixie Hollow faded away, and a new landscape started to appear.

Ruby’s eyes widened. “How did you -”

“Accidental discovery in the Wilderness a while back.” I explained hastily.

“And you didn’t bother to tell me?!” She exclaimed.

“Where would you use it? No offense sis, but you weren’t a member.”


“Um, girls?”

“What?!” Both of us turned to face Lily.

“Could you… Maybe save this conversation for later?” She asked. Ruby and I looked at each other. “Oh. Right. Ok. Yep. Sorry.” I muttered, my face feeling hot. Ruby’s cheeks went pink. Marigold had her eyebrows raised, until Lily mouthed sisters to her.

“Oh.” She said, nodding, a smile playing around her lips.

Crystal stood motionless. I guess the shock of PH being gone hadn’t quite worn off yet. Sighing, I looked back down at the map. Neverland looked smaller than PH, but the distance was made up for in mountains – I counted at least 7 all clustered together, reaching high up on the paper. The map was less detailed than the original map etched onto its surface, showing only a large splash of green for the land, and a pale blue for a small assortment of rivers and lakes, as well as smack bam in the center of it all; a massive waterfall.

“That’s where we are.” Said Marigold, stepping forward and pointing to the waterfall. “The waterfall cascades down to a lake. The lake is also fed by a river, running down from the mountain range. From there it runs south, out to sea, and west, inland through a pine forest. If we follow the west river, there’s a small clearing where we can set up camp for the night.”

I nodded. “Do you think you could lead us there?”

“I think so.” She said slowly.

“Right. Ruby, you speak to the crowd. Let them know what’s going on. Lily, be on standby in case people panic. Izzy, you can-” I stopped, a cold fist folding over my heart. “Wait a minute. Where is Izzy?” Everyone was silent.

“Has anyone actually seen Izzy since we came through?” I asked shakily. Still, no one said anything, which was as much of an answer as verbally saying it would have been.

By the Second Star! I thought, cursing my own stupidity. How in Neverland did I forget about Izzy?

“Hey, Rose.” Lily put a tentative hand on my shoulder. “Isabelle is a smart girl. I’m sure she’s fine.”

My heart was racing. “Yeah… Just… Give me a minute.”

Without another word, I bolted.


To be continued!

– Rose ❤