Can’t wait to see this amazing idea from Sapphire revealed in detail! 😀

Marigold's Musings

Hey peeps! I know it’s been FOREVER AND A DAY since I’ve posted, but I’m back and prepping to open my NEW SHOP on Marigold’s blog!!!!!!!! 😀

Shop_1 Sapphire’s Secret Treasures

Can you believe it?!? Marigold is the BEST!!! I’m still totally reeling! 😀

Since PH closed, I’ve been treasure hunting on the Mainland and have bunches of AMAZING finds to share! 😉

Here are some sneak peeks of treasures that will be available in my shop:

Pixie Dust_Final Disney Store exclusive fragrance

Wings_Final Wings cut-out tee (plus DIY!)

Shine_Final Glowing dew drop necklace

More info on these treasures will be revealed once my shop opens 😉

Which treasure are you most excited to get your hands on?????????

More secret treasures are coming!!!!!!!!!! 😀

Cya soon

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