Crystal has extended the date for her story comp… If you haven’t entered already, and enjoy writing – do so NOW! 😉

Crystal's Hollow

Hi, my story competition’s closing date was a week ago, and I only have three entries (Hazel Oakswirls, Minerva Grace, and Rose Morningmist).

Because of this, I have extended it so you have more time. Send your stories in by November 7th. 😉

I’m sorry I haven’t been posting. At the moment I’m busy with other stuff (mostly playing Minecraft and Minion Rush, they’re so addictive 😛 ) and there’s not much to post about.

BTW . . .


It’s Halloween tommorow! Mwa, ha-ha-ha!

Okay, you probably already know that. 😛

I’ll be kinda busy tommorow, for two reasons.

1 . I’ll be eating sweets and getting my costume ready.

2 . I’m going to Hazel’s house for a sleepover!!! 😀

Okay, back to the subject of my story competition.

Note: November 7th is the absolute final closing date. After that, I’ll judge them. So send in your stories…

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