Hi everyone,

I realized I’ve been kinda slack lately, so I thought I’d give you a sneak peak on something I’ve been wanting to release for a while. This particular piece of writing is from something I’m calling The Untold Tales. Hope you like it. 😉

“Why does it have to rain?”

I look down at my brother, Dustin.

“Because otherwise there would be no water. It would all run out. At least, that’s what Mum says.”

“But why does it have to rain now?

“Maybe the clouds are busy later.” I say.

Dustin sits down on the ground. “But we were going to go out today,” He says, “And the rain ruined it!”

Out. Out. Finally, after weeks of waiting, our mother and father had finally organized a day for us to leave the house. To get out. To breathe in the fresh air, to see the sky without having to press our faces against the window, trying to get a glimpse of the blue.

Mum says it’s dangerous for kids like us to go outside. She says there are bad people out there, who will try to take us away if we’re not careful.

Dustin doesn’t know this though. Mum says he’s too young. He’s only five, after all. Only two, if we’re counting in fairy years. We call it IFY for short. As for me, I’m seven. Nearly four IFY.

“Come on, there’s plenty of other things we can do.” I say, sitting down beside him.

“Can you tell me one of your stories?” He asks, face lighting up.

I smile. “Alright then.”

I tell him about the beach. “I visited when I was little,” I say. “With Mum and Dad, almost every day.” This was before Dustin was born, when kids like us could play outside all the time. Before Mum and Dad started looking so worried and tired all the time.

“You should see it, Dustin! The ocean is like a giant lake, so big you can’t see the end of it. There’s big shady trees and soft sand and -”

“What’s sand?” Interrupts Dustin.

I think for a moment. “It’s a bit like dirt, but cleaner, and it’s a different color – sort of golden,” I say. “And if you mix water with it sticks together and you can make things with it, like castles and mountains, and you can decorate it with shells.”

“Like the ones you have in our room?”

I nod. “They come in all shapes and sizes too. Flat ones and round ones and ones with spirals – and all different colours, like pink, white, brown, yellow -”

“Blue?” He asks.

I frown. “I don’t know.” I say. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen a blue one before.”

“When I go to the beach,” Says Dustin, “I’m going to find a blue shell, and bring it home so I can -”

“Shh!” I say. Someone just knocked on the front door….


So what do ya think? You like? 😛 I may try releasing this in small parts, one at a time, a bit like as if they were entries in the characters dairy…

‘Till next time,

 – Rose ❤