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Remember Pixie Hollow

As most of you know, I have autism. Autism is a disorder that makes you different from neurotypical people. (Neurotypical people are, well, typical people.) People with autism are born with autism, it’s not something you can catch or something that will go away. People with autism have special interests, something that the person loves and might talk about a lot. I think my special interests are books and fairies. People with autism also have sensory differences, like textures or sounds bothering them, and others soothing them. When an autistic person seeks out soothing things, it is called sensory stimulation, or stimming. Autistic people don’t have good social skills, but can learn them if taught. For example, making eye contact. I make eye contact with people, but it didn’t come naturally, I was trained to do it. Even though I have better social skills than some autistics, I still find…

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