We’ll forever wonder if we’ll ever get back to that time where Pixie Hollow was just a part of life.

I, personally, think I’ve done enough wondering. I’m just so sick of just doing nothing. So, a few months ago, when we had that scare with the Disney Fairies UK game, I finally cracked.

I’m reforming the Pixie Elite Force. No, really. I’m serious about this. And yes, it’s that little organization from my stories. But before PH closed, it actually was a real thing. All those stories are based on it and the pixies who were a part of it.

Back then, it was more of an ongoing game, really. Sworn to ‘protect’ Pixie Hollow.

Well, in the long run, we failed at that. 😛

But now I’m reforming it with a purpose.

I’m abolishing the old sectors of Healing, Spells and Magic, Disguise and Potions. They’re not really going to help us now. Instead, I’m replacing them with four new sectors: Bloggers, Creators, Detectives and Protesters. And I have a few pixies who’ve accepted the role of Heads.

Raven Mistycloud and Phoebe Bumbleflip have agreed to Co-lead the Creators, by working on their Rebuild PH project as well as tracking down any other re-makes of the Hollow. Jade Vanillaflash has taken the role of Head of Detectives, and will be in charge of looking for any news of PH returning. Grace Glitterglow will be taking up the role of Head of Protesters, and will be working on signing petitions, trying to contact Disney and to spread the word. And Marigold Sunjewel will be taking the position of Head of Bloggers, and will be attempting to bring back some of our inactive bloggers back to the PBC as well as making lesser known blogs better known.

It’s a massive mission, I know. I never thought I’d take such a leap. But I wanted to do something. We all did. And we can’t do it alone.

That’s where you come in.

We need help. We need you guys. If you’re interested in helping us, please email me at rosemorningmist@gmail.com or leave a comment under this post or the new PEF page I’ve started up with your name, talent, which sector you’d like to be a part of and your email address so we can contact you.

You sector will determine what you’ll mainly focus on. Choosing a sector doesn’t mean you can’t help out with other sectors, so don’t feel too pressured by your choice.

This won’t affect what I do currently, either. I’ll still continue blogging and posting stories like I always have. I’m not mean enough to leave all my unfinished stories on cliff hangers. 😛

Our main goal isn’t to bring Pixie Hollow back. That’s a very big thing for anyone to achieve. No, our main goal is a lot simpler: Hope. To make a stand. And maybe, just maybe, we’ll grab the attention of Disney and perhaps have a chance of getting our Hollow back.

Please, reblog this and spread the word. We need to get as many people on board as possible. 🙂

Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust,

– Rose ❤