Uh, hello!

My name’s Jade VanillaFlash if you don’t know me.  You may also call me Nyla.

I just became a Guest Author…Sorta…on Rose Morningmist’s blog.  I’m here because I’m the Head of Detectives now!



So, let’s stop being all awkward and cut to the chase.  *clears throat in a somewhat professional manner*

As a detective, your main goal is to focus on anything and everything about the return or remake of Pixie Hollow.

This can be, and I quote from Rose, “any information the possible return of PH, as well as looking out for info that may be useful to other sectors (Remakes, Worlize worlds, Blogs, petitions) and things like old PH pages, clues, that sort of thing. (Anything found that may help another sector will get passed onto the respective Head and myself).”   You can even just browse the interwebanet for news, we’ll take everything we can get.



My email is  Shoot me an email if you need anything!

To be fully honest, I’m a little unsure about how this will go, but hey,


(Carrie Tuliptwist please email me so I can welcome you properly :-D)