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Hi everyone,

So by now you all probably have noticed that I’ve reformed the Pixie Elite Force. Just a few posts on it recently 😛

Well, I’m afraid you’ll have to bear with another one, because I have another announcement to make about it – please bear with me, it’s kind of important.

I take it you all know what the PSS is, right?

(Please all nod your heads like you know – even if you don’t)

PSS stand for Pixie Salvation Soldiers, and organisation formed by the wonderful Marigold Sunjewel, who were dedicated to saving the Hollow.

The PSS sort of died out with the Hollow, just as the PEF did. But Marigold recently announced she’d be reforming the PSS (click here to see Marigold’s announcement).W

hen I emailed the Heads asking if they’d want the job, Marigold mentioned she had been thinking of bringing the PSS back for a while, too, and she proposed that the PEF and PSS joined forces, because two with a common goal can achieve so much more than one. 😛

Thus, the MorningSun Alliance was born.

Basically, the Alliance means the PEF and PSS will be sharing information we find and helping each other with missions. Pixies can still be in both organisations; it won’t effect what you do for each one 😉

Speaking of people joining, I’d like to thank everyone that’s joined so far. If you’re interested in joining, please leave a comment or shoot me email at rosemorningmist@gmail.com with your name, talent and which sector you’d like to be in. If you’re completely confused with what I’m talking about right now, click here to take a look at the official PEF page. 🙂

Thanks everyone,

– Rose ❤