Anyone who’s interested in becoming a protestor, please read this post from Grace 😉

Grace's Guide

Hello, it’s me.. Yes, I had to😂✌

Hello Pixies! Exciting news! The Pixie Elite Force is coming back! Marigold posted it on her blog, including one of the detail on how it works.

Click here to read her post:

Now, my position is Protesters. This is how Rose Morningmist explained it, “They have the job of, well, protesting. Signing petitions, spreading the word, perhaps emailing Disney”

So, I am going to keep my word to the PEF, and do my job. Let’s all work together to spread the word and re-open Pixie Hollow!

We can’t give up hope, because if we do, we give up on ourselves. We give up on the marvelous fairies who guided us in Pixie Hollow. We give up on Pixie Hollow..

No! You can’t think like that! We have to convince Robert Iger to re-open Pixie Hollow! So I bet you’re thinking HOW ARE WE…

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