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Hi everyone,

I just realized I hadn’t given you any creative writing for absolutely AGES. Working on the PEF and Worlize crisis, as well as trying to keep up with homework (and there has been a lot of homework. A LOT) has really sapped up my time. :/

Fortunately, I have had time to start writing two all new stories, including my very first side story! 😀 Kudos to Raven for giving me the idea 😉

So… Without further ado, I present to you a Sneak Peak at Birthday Surprises 🙂

Ruby’s POV

I reach to the very back of the shelf, knocking over five pairs of shoes in the process.

“What about these?” I ask, turning back to Crystal Cutetwinkle and holding up a pair of deep blue high heels. Crystal frowns.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen heels so high,” She says. I sigh.

“Yes, but there aren’t many pairs without them,” I say. “Heels must be in this season.”

Crystal nods. “Hazel mentioned something about that to me the other day.”

I sigh. This is the fifth shop I’ve been to today, and I still haven’t found a gift for Rose. Her birthday is only a day away now, and I’d feel terrible if I didn’t give her anything. It’s not like I left it till the last minute either – there’s just nothing around that I think she’d like. Literally. It’s all heels and frilly dresses, fancy cakes and crazy colours. That and I’m flat broke – Rose may be a member, but I’m certainly not – you can tell by simply looking at my crazy mismatched outfits and can’t exactly borrow her badge without her asking questions, and she’s an expert when it comes to detecting lies. Especially mine.

Someone behind us clears their thought loudly. Crystal and I whirl around. The shopkeeper, Diva Wings, is standing behind us, hand on hips.

“I don’t suppose you’re going to fix that – that -” She shudders and points to the shoes I knocked over. “- thing?

“Oh, the mess?” I say. Diva flinches. “Yeah, don’t you have maintenance for that?”

Crystal jabs me in the elbows. “Ruby!” She hisses.

“What? I’m just curious,” I say.

Diva looks livid. “I think maybe you should leave,” She says quietly.


So what do you think? I’m really excited for this Side Story as I’m getting to play around with Ruby’s character a bit more. There’s a few other pixies that will be mentioned from around the PBC, too. 😉

‘Till next time,

 – Rose ❤