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Hi everyone,

Just a quick post to apologise for being so slack in terms of posting lately. Exams are currently upon me, so unfortunately I’ll be inactive for the next few weeks. As you all probably know, school does come before the PBC (much to my disgust 😛 )

Any spare time I get will be put into writing stories, so I should have Birthday Surprises almost if not done by the time I get back. 🙂 You may see me comment on other posts or popping into the Pixie Chat to complain about homework, but I won’t have time to post anything – sorry guys. :/

If anything urgent comes up involving the PEF, or you just need to contact me, shoot me an email at rosemorningmist@gmail.com – I will still try to check my emails daily. 😉

‘Till then,

– Rose MorningMist ❤