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Hey guys,

Guess who’s back? Hint – (She has an obsession with chocolate, purple and smoothies)

That’s right, it’s me! 😀

Easter has provided me with four days off school (a long LONG weekend), so I plan to get a bucket load of writing (and chocolate-eating) crammed into it. 😉

With luck, Birthday Surprises will be ready to release over this weekend (no promises, though) – so stay tuned! 😉

Quick status update on Worlize: We’re still open, but the ‘Plea For Help” room still hasn’t disappeared. Thank you to all the PEF members who have been helping out with our Worlize mission and to everyone who has taken the time to do the survey. If you haven’t taken the survey yet, please click here to take the survey, here to learn more about the PEF or here to find out more information about Worlize closing. 🙂

Seeing as the Worlize Catastrophe seems pretty stable at the moment, I hope to be posting in the near future with new missions for the PEF. Hopefully. 😛

The other thing I wanted to announce was something I haven’t tried before, so, without further ado:



That’s right – I’m deciding to host an Easter Egg Hunt 😀

Starting on Easter Saturday in the time zone GMT +10, I will be hiding ten eggs around my blog, which will look simular these ones:

egg2  egg6

Note – these eggs do not count towards the competition.

Prizes (yes, prizes) will be as follows:

3rd – Drawing of your fairy, drawn by me – it’ll probably look something like this:


Rose totally rocking my ‘Born Chocoholic’ shirt

But, you know, with a bit more time and effort put into it and not on lined paper – I drew this one in the space of about 10 – 15 mins so 😛

2nd – Silhouette edit, simular to this one:

The Lost Stories - Crystal Cutetwinkle

An edit I created for my co-written series The Lost Stories

1st – A side story, introducing your character into Rose’s and/or Ruby MorningMist’s timeline: You will have choice over the major aspects of the story and be able to help write dialogue for your fairy

OR: A side story, co-written with me, split into POV (points of view), like done in Christmas Chaos

On the 26th and 27th GMT +10, I’ll be posting up clues to find the eggs, however, there is a bonus prize of a silhouette edit for anyone who finds all the egg in the before I post up the clues. 😉


Email me at rosemorningmist@gmail.com before the 1st of April, GMT 10+ with a description and/or screenshots/snips of where the eggs are hidden. Winners will be drawn a random and announced on the 2nd of April. All participants will receive a custom made badge you can shamelessly show off to your friends 😛

Please re-blog this posts to spread the word 😀

Happy hunting,

– Rose ❤