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Hey everyone!


And no – none of these eggs contribute to the Hunt. Sorry guys 😛

See, to me, Easter is all about rejoicing and new life and eating chocolate before you’re fully conscious in the morning. XP

Before I give out these hints, I have to thank you all for your participation in this event so far. In the past 48 hours, you guys managed to break my personal best of ‘most views in one day’ twice, in total skyrocketing from the original 81 views to 140!

I’ve received three entries already, so congrats to Stella Sunshine, Raven Mistycloud and Gwyn, who will all be getting that bonus edit! 😀

Unfortunately, no one was able to find all ten. 😦 I didn’t realise I hid them so well! So, to be fair, I’m giving the All Skill badge to anyone who found 9 of the 10 eggs – so congrats to Raven and Gwyn, who were only missing one each 😉

So, without further procrastination, here’s your hints to find the first five eggs:

The first can be found where it all started,
The next, Lost in the sand,
The third must be mapped out, it’s tricky to find,
The fourth, held by a hand,
With blog posts and stories and birthdays all passed,
The fifth can be found in plain sight,
Hidden above posts, above maps, Above all the stories I write,
Going home can provide a clue –
But the rest is now up to you.


I’ll be posting hints for the next five eggs tomorrow.

Good luck pixies,

 – Rose ❤