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It isn’t Birthday Surprises, and I have to admit, the plot isn’t the greatest either – but I thought I give you guys something for Easter.

I wasn’t very creative with the title, so I just called it Never Dove Hunt. Hope you like it 😉

Never Dove Hunt

By Rose MorningMist

Ruby’s POV

I race into the spring meadows, excited to get started – or should I say I’m eggcited? I giggle a little at my own joke.

Sweetpea announced the start of the Never Dove Hunt about five minutes ago, and I want to get as many eggs as I can. The prize is a shiny new badge and a month of free Membership. As a community fairy, the free Membership is what’s motivating me. It’s also the reason I dragged a grumbling Rose along, too – years on missions has made her surveillance skills sharp.

“Ok, so we’re looking for twenty eggs to get the badge, and an extra ten to get the Membership, but only if we’re the first to hand in our eggs,” I say.

Rose yawns. “If you say so,” She mutters.

I fiddle with my pouch. Seven other fairies have entered in the time we’ve arrived. That’s seven more fairies competing against me! I grab a basket out of Rose’s hands.

“Ready?” I ask. She rolls her eyes.

“If I help you with this, will you let me go back to bed?”

I snap my fingers impatiently. “If you must.”

Rose perks up a little. “Ok then. Let’s go.”

With that, we take off into the morning light.


Rose’s POV

Twelve years of participation in the Never Dove Hunt makes it a whole lot easier to find eggs – most are hidden in the same spots as they were the year before. Within five minutes, I’ve already found five eggs and stashed them into my basket.

“Hey, Rose!”

I whirl around, to find Fauna Sunshine flying towards me.

Fauna’s an animal talent, works in the Healing sector of the PEF and also happens to be our only member that’s part vampire.

Vampire pixies, or VP’s for short, are pixies who’ve been bitten by the Never bat whilst journeying through the Wilderness. Well, that or a forbidden fairy – the gene could have simply been passed down. I don’t know what the case is for Fauna – I’ve never asked.

Most VP’s have an obsession with dark clothes and spaces, have perfect night vision and can function on little to no sleep. They don’t sparkle like in the clumsy movies or drink blood – they live off red food. If you find out you’re a VP, you better hope you like tomatoes.

Fauna has honey coloured hair and wears a black jacket and red miniskirt with tights. Her combat boots are black and she wears a charm necklace around her neck.

“Hey Fauna,” I smile as she approaches me. “What’s up?”

“Not much,” She says. “You hunting too?” She points at my basket.

“Technically. Ruby dragged me here to help her win the free credit,” I say.

Fauna nods. “I hope she does. She deserves some new stuff after all the work she’s done.”

I agree – Ruby does more work for the PEF than she admits.

“Mind if I join you?” She continues. “We can split the eggs we find.”

I grin. “Sounds good – the sooner I find these eggs, the sooner I can go back to sleep!”


Click here to read the rest, or you can go via The Forgotten Tales page 🙂

So what do you think? I’ve been playing around with Ruby’s character a lot lately. It’s been fun to write from the perspective of someone so different from Rose, who’s always quite serious and well spoken. Ruby’s a few years younger than Rose and lot more laid back and festive, and often doesn’t think before she acts.

Well, that’s it for now. I’ll try and finish Birthday Surprises throughout the week, but I can’t promise anything as I still have a few assessments to finish. Yay. :/

Anyway, cya ’round the waterfall,

 – Rose ❤