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Fly with you all,

So as Jade mentioned, we’re starting up a role-play chat! 😀

We had our first RP today, and it turned out pretty great.

I’m going to be writing up our RP’s in creative writing form, and sticking them into The Forgotten Tales, under the name ‘RP Tales’.

Because I don’t know how frequent the RP’s will be (and I have a tendency to disappear for days on end, especially around exam periods), I probably won’t write up every RP acted out. However, I’m happy to take requests off people in the chat so long as the copy and paste the raw script into an email for me, sort of like this:

[4/3/16, 9:33 AM] Rose MorningMist (rosemorningmist@gmail.com): Ruby: ROSE!

[4/3/16, 9:33 AM] Rose MorningMist (rosemorningmist@gmail.com): WAKE UP!

Sending…Message not delivered.9:33 AM

[4/3/16, 9:33 AM] Nyla Tran (xaxatran@gmail.com): *Jade abruptly stops flying* “Maybe I’ll go visit a friend instead.”

Nyla • 9:33 AM

[4/3/16, 9:33 AM] Rose MorningMist (rosemorningmist@gmail.com): *Rose gunts*

[4/3/16, 9:33 AM] Rose MorningMist (rosemorningmist@gmail.com): *grunts

Sending…Message not delivered.9:33 AM

[4/3/16, 9:34 AM] Raven Mistycloud (raven.pixiecentral@gmail.com): Meanwhile….

[4/3/16, 9:34 AM] Raven Mistycloud (raven.pixiecentral@gmail.com): *Raven is shopping*

Now, obviously something like this is going to be a little different when transferred to a creative writing piece. Characters need to be consistent – unlike in  RP, they can’t just leave with no explanation. I’ll try my best to stick as closely to the original plot as possible, but so that everyone can get an idea of the original RP, I’m going to edit the script and release it along with story like this:

Rose MorningMist: Ruby: ROSE!

Rose MorningMist: WAKE UP!

Rose MorningMist: *Rose grunts*

Nyla Tran: *Jade abruptly stops flying* “Maybe I’ll go visit a friend instead.”

Raven Mistycloud: Meanwhile….

Raven Mistycloud: *Raven is shopping*

I’ll try my best to get these stories out as quickly as I can, but with the PEF, side stories, school work and who knows what else I can’t guarantee anything  :/

Either way, I’m excited to get started with this new type of writing  🙂

Well, ’till next time,

– Rose  ❤