Hello guys! Non-detective related post here, but some of us on the Pixie Chat had a greaaaaaat idea!

*flashback to a year or two ago* Some time back when PH closed, Julie Tulipblossom and I started an excessively long RolePlay, about 2000-3000 emails long!  Woah. 0_0

Julie has since dissapeared, so I did Pokémon roleplays.  My favorite Roleplay community shut down…and I miss Roleplaying. So I thought…why not roleplay with you guys!

Rose MorningMist will be documenting our Roleplay in story form!

To prevent RP from going stale, every now and then I will create a crazy event to occur in Pixie Hollow for us to RP about. Duck attack? Pixie relationship drama? Anything goes! (With limits of course)


1. Everybody roleplays in different ways. I like asterisks around my actions and putting what I say in quotes, with side notes in parentheses. Some people like long, winding descriptions. Respect everyone’s roleplay methods.

2. Be nice and friendly! If your fairy likes to pick fights, that’s okay. Outside of roleplay, be a nice person and respect everyone. No one is better than anyone else here!

3. No Godmodding. That means no turning yourself more powerful than the queen or having 57 talents.  That’s no fun and makes your character an annoying Mary-Sue.

4. Be realistic. Every fairy has flaws, including yours. Everyfairy has a weakness.

5. Don’t control other characters, if belong to a real person. Control your own. You may take control of NPCs, but only for a little bit! For instance, I can’t take control of Raven and make her crash into a tree. I’m not Raven!

Here’s how to join our crazy RolePlay:

All you need is a Google account! Comment down your Google+ name, and your fairy name. Also, your talent, and if possible, a link to a picture of your fairy.  One of us will add you to the RP Hangouts chat.  You can RP with us!

See you in the Roleplay!

-Jade VanillaFlash