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Hey everyone,

Thanks to Ashley, Protesters member of the PEF


So a while back, the Pixie Elite Force recruited a fairy by the name of Ashley. This passionate pixie has been working hard for a long time now to get the attention of Disney. Calling them, emailing them, all sorts of things, and she’s been keeping us up to date on the Pixie Chat.

Well, last we heard from Ashley, she had been on the phone to a Disney member who suggested that she take her complaints to the developers of PH (Silver Tree Media and Schell Games).

Well, today, Ashely got back to us with this:

Hi guys! Sorry It’s been a long time since an update! Anyway, the developer I was speaking to game me an amazing idea! I started a petition. You’re probably like, ASHLEY! SO MANY OTHER PEOPPE HAVE TRIED THAT BUT FAILED! BUUUUTT guys! We have a developer on our side! And he said it could work. Anyway, if you are worried about putting in you’re personal information, me and my friend Emma already tested it. You can put ANYTHING in lol. She said she lives in Pixie Hollow. 😂

So yeah! I’ll give you the link, and if you have the time, you could post about it on you’re blogs if you have 1. That’ll get more signatures!

Here’s the link to her petition:

The petition needs 100 signatures.
Now, I know that this isn’t a guarantee of getting PH back. But I also know that we can get 100 signatures. If everyone who reads this post signs, we could get it in no time.
The petition asks for your fist and last name (fairy name will work), your country, postcode and an optional comment. That’s it. It’ll take you five minutes, tops.
Yes, petitions haven’t worked in the past. But trying this is better than not doing anything.
So I’m calling on the PEF, PSS and the PBC to help me here. Spread the word. Sign the petition. Re-blog this post. Help us. We’re counting on you.
Faith, trust, and pixie dust,
– Rose MorningMist   ❤