Raindrop’s TAW Story

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Hiya Pixies,

I know I am extremely late with this one, but I thought I should do it anyway. Better late than never 😉

I am choosing to be a Confectioner Talent fairy and this is my story:

Rarity and Rain

“Raindrop!” Daliya calls, “Queen Clarion is hosting a large feast with all the Ministers to celebrate the Winter success, we have a large order and it has to be ready in three days!”

“Yes chef!” I call back and wipe my hands on my apron, “What should I do with these lunch cookies?”

Daliya rushes in, her brown hair messily fluffed into a bun and her green eyes darting around the room, “Jay, serve the lunch cookies in the Tea Room. Raindrop, I want you to start searching for a flitterific recipe. You are in charge of the surprise sweets.”

Jay takes the plate of lunch cookies from me…

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