Welcoming Dalila to the PBC! 😀

Dalila's Diary

April 25, Sunset

Hello, diary.

I just got you today.

How did you get passed into my hands? Well, it’s a bit of a long story, but I think we’ve both got time.

I was with my friend Gloria, a light-talent, watching her get her hair done. She needed my advice on which hairstyle to get, because she was going to fancy party later that day.

Gloria thought she saw something shimmering by the waters of Palm Tree Cove. She ran off into the bushes, and I chased after, holding her shopping bags. They were very heavy.

When I finally caught up to her, she was standing in something that looked just like a miniature Clumsy house! It had furniture and everything!

She was exploring one of the rooms when she came across this book. It was empty, which was strange to me. Why would a Clumsy need an empty…

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