Primrose The Pixie

Hey my flutterific Pixies! It’s me….PRIMROSE!

I’m back again! Because….I decided to have a competition! I know it’s a little early on in my blogging days to be making a competition but last night I had a great idea & I couldn’t get to sleep! So my idea was each girl has to dress as a forest animal and whoever comes up with the best forest animal outfit will win the competition. But wait there’s a slight twist. Each girl can’t make a tiger, lion, cheetah or leopard! (Even though lions aren’t really forest animals…or the rest…I think…?) Anyway, to submit your outfit post it on your blog and leave a link to it on this very post! I’ll then pick a winner and announce it. (This idea sounds kinda weird trust me I know. & I think submit is the word. Hehe..) Anyway

Fly with you later my PIXIES…

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