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Hi all,

So after I posted Talent Games yesterday, I got a few people asking me about joining the Pixie Elite Force Chat.

I had some trouble deciding about this, as the chat’s purpose was for all the PEF Heads to be able to discuss things quickly. However, I can see some advantages in having a PEF Chat for all members. So, after some thought, I came up with this:

The MorningSun is a new Google Hangouts for all PEF Members to join. The chat can be used for things like suggesting missions, discussing current ones and handing over information to Heads quickly without the fuss of an email.

Please note that the MorningSun Chat is to discuss PEF matters only. Otherwise, it takes a long time for everyone to read through all the messages to find information.

If you’re a member of the PEF and would like to join, please leave a comment or email me at rosemorningmist.com notifying me you’d like to join and with your Google Plus name so I can add you.

If you’d like to know more about the PEF, click here.

Cya ’round the waterfall,

– Rose  ❤