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Hey everyone,

So, technically I still have two exams to go before I’m officially finished, but hey, details details.  😛

After counting the tally, the Untold Tales has won out, closely followed by Birthday Surprises. So I’ve just updated the Untold Tales for you. Surprise!  😛

Click here to read what I’ve added 😀

AND, I’ll update it again on the weekend (hopefully).

As an added bonus, I’ll do my best to finish Birthday Surprises within the next couple of weeks (no promises, you know how my schedule can be – completely thrown out the window in about five seconds flat XP).

PEF UPDATE: A massive thankyou to everyone who reposted about Talent Games – because a lot of us Heads got hit with exams this month, I’m extending the mission into next month. Keep up the awesome work! 😀

GENERAL UPDATES: I’ve added my entry to Crystal’s short story comp into The Forgotten Tales. Crystal has extended her closing day until June 22nd, so get those entries in! The rules are as follows:

  • Your story has to be less than 1000 words.
  • It has to be about Pixie Hollow and spring.
  • Don’t use one of your previous stories, write a new one.


You may have noticed that I’ve also added a new section to the Forgotten Tales – Rose’s Guide. More on this in coming weeks.  😉

I’m also going to do my best to update a few of my pages in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out 😉

Thanks everyone,

– Rose  ❤