Happy 6th Arrival Day, Gwyn! Welcome back to the PBC 😉





Social Life?

As the title would suggest, YES THE SCHOOL YEAR IS FINALLY OVER!!! I’m sorry I have neglected all of you but there was crazy stuff that needed to be done! I have big plans for a productive summer as well as some old stuff I’ll be digging up. There’s some new stuff I’m just dying to show you that I’ve learned this year in English that I think a lot of fellow story writers will be interested in! I’m aiming for my weekly schedule again at the very least so I don’t ever have to leave you guys in the dark for so long.

In other news… ITS MY ARRIVAL DAY!!!

Today marks my 6th year as a fairy! Crazy how the time flies! Since that day, my whole world has changed and through Pixie Hollow I’ve been able to connect and grow throughout the years…

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