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Wow! I can’t believe I’ve hit 4,000 views on this blog!

Thank you all so much for your wonderful support. You are all truly wonderful.  ❤

Also, I’m really excited to announced that I was nominated for the Liebster Award again! Twice!  😀

A massive thank you to Sophie Eveningflame and Crystal Oakbelle for nominating me. I am truly honoured.

I’d like to answer the questions these two pixies asked me:


How did you decide on your fairy’s name?

Before the PH we all knew and loved came along, I would play what we now ccall the ‘UK version’ of Pixie Hollow. Rose Morningmist was a name I literally called 98% of all the fairies I created, so when it came to creating my fairy for the virtual PH, I chose the name without thinking. Later, I self-appointed myself Rose MorningMist, because I kept spelling it with two capitol M’s. Oops!

What was your favorite shop in Pixie Hollow?

Summit Style! I checked the fashions their regularly, even though I’m not much of a shopper in real life.

Which did you like best, Spring Valley, Autumn Forest, Winter Woods, or Summer Glade?

Ahhhh, such hard choices! I loved all the meadows, but if I had to choose, Spring Meadows, wings down. The Spring Meadows was where I first arrived, not to mention the only complete meadow you could explore when I first started playing (I was a Founding Fairy, we only had the Spring Meadows, Pumpkin Patch and Maple Tree Hill). Therefore, I knew that season from top to bottom, and adored every last inch of it.  ❤

Did you have a favorite talent game, and, if so, what was it?

Towards the end, it would probably have been Pinecone Pop, but for a long time I was really, really obsessed with Firefly Light-up. I actually completed the entire game once – every single level, by sheer fluke – the last one was SUPER hard, with moths flying everywhere, and I finally completed it! Rose – 1, Moths – 0.  😛

What was your fairy’s go-to outfit?

Purple butterfly top, purple leaf pants and matching flats. Sometimes I’d wear my rose necklace with it, which I got from my arrival, or the necklace from the Secret of the Wings collection.

lolololMy go-to outfit (well, sort of)


What was you favorite meadow in Pixie Hollow? Why?

Dewdrop Vale or Palm Tree Cove. Dewdrop Vale as it was the first place I ever saw of the Hollow, and Palm Tree Cove because of, well, just because, I guess. I used to love pretending the palm tree leaves were a slide. I mean, look at these two leaves:


Look me in the eye and tell me that you never pretended to slide down those leaves once.  😛

If you could learn to talk to one kind of animal, which would it be?

Dolphins. They’re supposed to be really smart. It would be cool to know what was going on in their heads.

If you could be any talent of fairy in real life, what would it be and why?

Water, wings down. I love my talent, an I reckon it would be so much fun to be able to manipulate water.

Describe your fashion style in three words.

For Rose: Casual, purple, sparkles.

For myself: Black, boots, pants.

Describe your favorite thing about Pixie Hollow in three words.

Wings, Hope, Freedom.


Well, thanks for reading. Only three hours until FairyABC is up! I can’t wait!  😀

‘Till next time,

– Rose  ❤