Can’t wait for this! 😀

Primrose The Pixie

Hey my Flutterific Pixies it’s…………………..PRIMROSE!

So, today I thought I might clear up some of the dates and times of the prom and prep party! As you may know I’m going to be one of the hosts. Last year, at the first annual Pixie Prom, I said to Gwyn, ‘Gwyn we should totally make something where everyone from PH can come together!’ She of course agreed and we settled of the name of the ‘Pixie Prom’ From there on we planned like crazy, making sure every detail was PERFECT! And this year we have worked EXTRA hard! Now, tomorrow is the Prep Party, there we will teach you the basics of Worlize for the new players, I will be teaching dance classes & Gwyn will be teaching ‘Tech Support’! So if your having issues ask Gwyn. 🙂 Now for the actual Pixie Prom Date! : Monday, June 20th, 2016 –…

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