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This time, it’s for a BRAND NEW STORY, coming your way (hopefully) shortly after Birthday Surprises (no, I haven’t forgotten about that, and yes, I have been working on it).

This is kind of to make up for the fact I haven’t published any of my stories lately, and I do apologise for that. I have been working on them, but the thing is, I work on whatever I’m most inspired to write for at the time, and with about twenty unfinished stories and plots in the works, things can be a little… hectic.  :/

Another quick heads up – I won’t be around from  the 22nd – 23rd of this month, GMT 10+ time, so I won’t be posting on these days. I trust my guest authors will keep you company until I get back  😉

So, I’d like to present to you a sneak peek from an upcoming story: Twin Trouble.

Twin Trouble Sneak Peek

By Rose MorningMist

Prologue – Nora

Nora entered the Tearoom with caution – her stomach may have been howling, but she knew it was especially important to keep a low profile in crowded places such as these. She made her way through the crowd to the front desk. A fairy wearing a waitress outfit stood behind the register. Cakes and rolls sat on long tables either side – raspberry swirls, acorn pancakes, blueberry muffins – Nora’s stomach rumbled.

“What would you like?” Asked the waitress, smiling warmly. Nora tugged on the sleeve of her pink dianthus dress. It was very itchy, and the matching heels were so tall they were almost unbearable. Ignoring the discomfort, she returned the waitress’ smile.

“One lemongrass tea and a slice of orange shortcake please,” She said, trying to sound as bright and cheery as possible.

“Sure! Would you like a table?” She asked, scribbling on a notepad.

“No thanks – I’ll take it with me,” Replied Nora.

“Ok then – it should be ready for you in about ten minutes,”

“WAITER!” Someone shouted out from one of the tables. The waitress sighed. Nora felt sympathetic towards the pixie – customers could be so rude to the fairies serving their food.

“Be back in a minute,” She said, and dashed off to attend to the customers at table three.

Seizing her chance, Nora stepped to one side and pulled out her pouch, on the pretence of trying to find a Membership card, or ingredients to pay for her food. Then, when she was sure no one was looking, she grabbed as many muffins, cakes and biscuits she could without arising suspicion. She glanced at table three. The waitress was still occupied. She pulled out a handful of maple leaves and placed them on the register, swiped a few slices of a cake covered in strawberry cream and half a dozen acorn pancakes, and turned to leave. She was halfway across the room when someone shouted, “Stop! Thief!”

She was out the door and halfway across the meadow before anyone else realized what was happening.


‘Til next time,

 – Rose  ❤