Hi, Pixies!

In Rose’s absence, I wanted to give everyone an update on a couple PBC petitions 🙂

Pixie Hollow – Bring Back the Talent Games

  • As of 06/21/2016: 24 out of 100 supporters needed
  • Jun 21, 2016 — “Hey everyone, thanks for singing! We’re getting closer to be able to get our Talent Games back! Please remember to share this petition with other people to make sure we reach our goal. Thanks again!” – Rose MorningMist

Disney Developers/Disney Interactive – Bring Back Pixie Hollow

  • As of 06/21/2016: 88 out of 100 supporters needed
  • Jun 21, 2016 — “Thanks so much for signing! We are so close to 100 now! Keep it up by posting about the petition on blogs, YouTube videos, or any social media possible! We need as much signatures as possible to make this happen one day. Lend a wing!” – Ashley Taylor

If you haven’t signed these petitions, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!?!?!?!? We need everyone to lend a wing and sign these in order to send the petitions to Disney for consideration! Please don’t let us down!

Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust,
♥ Marigold

*Please help spread the word by re-blogging this post, posting the links on social media sites, and any other way you can think of to help support this effort! ❤