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Hey, everyfairy!  A while back I talked about the idea for the PBC Monthly Newsletter, and then I asked for recruits.

I’m happy to announce that the PBC Monthly Task Force consists of Raven Mistycloud, Marigold Sunjewel, Rose Morning Mist, Anastasia Nightbelle, and myself.  We won’t be accepting any more members at the moment.

Also, the first newsletter will be published this July!  I hope to have it in your inboxes on the first, but with timezones and busy schedules it might be the day after or before.  You can subscribe at this link.

I thought I’d take a minute to answer some questions that I’ve been recieving a lot of, as well as some questions I think you’ll have.

What will the newsletter contain?

The newsletter will be a news source for all of the PBC.  It contains news from other sites outside of WordPress aditionally, such…

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