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I’ve had this blog since May 2012. Four years! In those four years, never once did I manage to post regularly (Either all at once, as demonstrated today, or with huge gaps). Despite this, over the past fours years I’ve grown and changed as a person, and I’d like to think my blog reflects that. As I returned to this blog after a year, I looked through some of my old posts and pictures. While some made me cringe in embarrassment (such as my pictures before I learned to screenshot…), some of my work I really like, and I’m just a sucker for nostalgia.

So, after producing a little bit of original content yesterday, here’s a salute to the old!

May 2012

The beginning of my blog, back when I was young and full of enthusiasm and energy *sigh*. I was inspired by Marigold’s blog, and had a lot of fun…

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