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Hey everyone!

I’m sosososososososososo sorry that I haven’t been around the past few days. I forgot to warn you before I left.

I was away from home fore a few days, with NO INTERNET. I don’t know how I survived!  😛

The other unfortunate development is that I’m back at school again.

Oh, yay.  -_-

I do have some exciting news though – some of you may have already noticed, but I’ve started a five part sneak peek program, to pick up the slack on all the blogs I guest author on.

In case you don’t know, these are:

Crystal’s Hollow

Fly To Inspire

Remember Pixie Hollow

Marigold’s Musings

Raindrops Reveries

Basically, I’m posting up five all new sneak peeks from stories I’ve never mentioned before. I’ve already posted one on Raindrop’s blog (click here to read) and Minerva’s (click here to read) and I plan to post at least one each day until I’m done.

So for all you Forgotten Tales readers, keep your eyes peeled! I won’t be re-blogging them onto this blog, so you’ll have to keep checking the three blogs which I haven’t posted on yet.  😉

Well, I’m off to post another now – oh, sorry, you want to know which one?

Guess what: NOT TELLING!  😛

I’ve given you all the links, now you have to find them yourselves – I’m being such a nice person today, aren’t I?  XD

Think of it as a scavenger hunt.  😉

Well, ’till next time,

– Rose  ❤